Devon Waldon

Design-minded coder, occasional athlete, chaser of mountains.

Design Code

I design code

Much in the way an artist knows a thousand ways to turn a blank canvas into a portrait, there are often innumberable ways to write a piece of code. The code that I write is creative, intentional, elegant, and functional - each function is treated as a piece of art that I conceptualize, craft, and ultimately take pride in.

Play Hard

I play hard

Getting myself away from a screen and moving is always easier when there are sports involved. Basketball, beach volleyball, Australian rules football - you name it, chances are I'll give it a shot. I bring that competitive spirit and willingness to try anything to everything I do, including my code. And if you don't have some code for me to write, I'll still take you on in a sport of your choice. Best of three.

Chase Mountains

I chase mountains

There will always be mountains - seemingly insurmountable obstacles that place themselves in the way of you and your goal. Some may be bigger than others, but I relish the opportunity to scale each and every one. What better way to improve yourself than to constantly challenge your perception of the impossible? And no matter the climb, the view from the summit is always sure to be stunning.